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Make graphs suitable for reports..

The detailed graphs we use are not designed for usage in a PDF or printed document. You have to use the mouse to be able to read the actual values. 

Everything becomes too small and the logic behind the graphs is not good since it loves to put all curves on top of eachother making them unreadable in reports and hard to correlate values even when using the mouseover functionality since the graph wont understand which curve to present the value/timestamp for).

Percentage values should show the scale 0-100 and nothing else!! No negative values!

The graph package is buggy because the scales change when the "Switch"-buttons are used (the ones for changing size and chart type). This is hard to describe in just text because the behavior is so random.

Please fix!

(I suggest a meeting regarding all these things where I can describe everything more detailed)

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  • May 19 2014
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